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A passionate arts educator, lecturer and guide, based in London and Italy. Director of the John Hall Venice Course, Tour leader for Kirker Holidays and of independent tours in Italy. Designer and host of a series of art talks and events for the Soho House group of private member’s clubs.

Born in Kent, raised in the countryside, member of the pony club, youth spent in the hedgerows birdwatching, egg collecting, fishing, kicking a ball, tractor-jumping.

Came to London in 1976, joined a band in 1978 with Captain Sensible, Rat Scabies and Henry Daze. Worked in Kensington Market selling second hand clothes, joined another band, The Apaches, with future members of the Monochrome Set.

Left London to read Communication Studies at Sunderland Polytechnic. Graduated in 1984 and worked as a journalist, freelancing for The Evening News, The Evening Standard, Blitz Magazine and The Catholic Herald.

Became a DJ in 1988, playing the Balearic and Acid House sound in London and then throughout the UK, then Europe and the rest of the World. Promoted nightclubs, including the seminal and influential Drum Club and formed the eponymous band with pal Lol Hammond, recording for Guerilla Records, Youth’s Butterfly Records (2 albums) and Nina Walsh and Andrew Weatherall’s Sabrettes (1 album). Played at major festivals including headlining the first ever ‘Dance Stage’ at Glastonbury festival and playing further north than any other British band, in the town of Akureyri on the north coast of Iceland.

Launched MC Projects and Pro-Jex labels, amongst others, developing the ‘Ghetto Techno’ sub-genre.

At the start of the 21st century I left music, and took an MA in Art History and began working in the Arts sector as director and lecturer for the family business, the John Hall Venice Course and developing and leading courses for Serpentine Gallery, Christie’s Education and the Soho House group of members clubs.

In 1981 wrote the first draft of The Tarmac Party which was originally signed to Faber & Faber and then rejected, but I only decided to revive the manuscript to publish 35 years later. Working on a new novel and part 2 of The Tarmac Party.

John Hall Venice Course

Drum Club



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