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The Venice Course

January – March annually since 1965

In 1965 my father, John Hall, launched the ‘Pre-University Interim Course’ (the ‘Gap Year’ had not been established then). The aim was – and still is – to immerse a group of intelligent and inquisitive students who had finished school and were taking time off before university or art school in, what was then, European culture. Now we are more global.

Lecture-based, with themes as varied as art, politics, music, cinema, literature, astrophysics, evolution, climate change and much more.

The John Hall Venice Course is unique. The heart of the experience is living as a resident, engaging in the life of an Italian city - a huge cultural mind-opener. Not just another art tour but also the great European music tradition, world cinema, contemporary issues plus cookery, photography, painting and Italian.

Coming on our Venice Course takes less than 3 months out of the ‘year’. Most universities and Oxbridge colleges are not against a gap year if time is well spent: the Venice Course is well regarded.

With a world-class team of experts and privileged private visits, it is an inspirational life-changing experience impossible to get anywhere else.

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