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Cornelia Parker and her Desert Island Art

Continuing with my series of artists and their Desert Island Art, in January I am at Soho House, Greek Street for a discussion with the exceptional talent that is Cornelia Parker, described by Tate as "one of Britain's best loved and most acclaimed contemporary artists. Always driven by curiosity, she reconfigures domestic objects to question our relationship with the world. Using transformation, playfulness and storytelling, she engages with important issues of our time, be it violence, ecology or human rights."

We will talk about her career and her practice and then finish the evening off with a selection of a few pieces that have moved, amused, inspired or even revolted her.

If you are a member of Soho House you can contact them directly, if not, simply use my 'contact' form. It already looks as if it's going to be a roadblock, so be sure to reserve your seat early to avoid disappointment, as they say.

The event will be at 18:30 on Tuesday, January 24th in the 'Club Room' at Soho House on Greek Street.

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