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The 2022 John Hall Venice reunion

Having postponed our party this year due to concerns in January that, with a couple of days to go before the group had to take LFTs in order to fly to Venice, a potential 'super-spreader event' might be asking for trouble, we decided to hold the party in May, when we were all safely home and the sun would be out.

In fact, the rain and wind had only just settled down, and we gathered in the magnificent library of The Travellers Club on Pall Mall. Very sadly, due to 'mobility issues', the founder and leader of the course, John Hall himself was unable to attend, but we raised many glasses to him and speeches were made, in particular from Sir Michael Burton.

It was really super to see so many friends, with great shows from the years 1981, 1995 and 2017, groups who appear to have kept in touch throughout the years. The originals, the 1965 team were well-represented, I was delighted that Joanna Glynn (1978) appeared to keep me company, and the 2022 year turned up, and after some crafty outfit editing even Jude Millais was allowed in (although a few of the 2017 group had clearly not read the memo about dress code!)

It was very moving and highly pleasing to see what a long term effect the course has had on many people, long may it continue!

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